Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My pet is very wary of strangers. Would you come for more than one initial visit for her to get used to you?

A: Of course, I completely appreciate that some pets are more nervous than others. My initial visit is free of charge and I would only charge an additional £5 for any subsequent introductory visit.

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Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes – I am fully insured and will bring copy certificates with me to every initial meeting.

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Q: I have four cats. Do you charge extra per cat?

A: No, my charge is per home, not per cat. I would, however, charge an additional £2 per cat if they required grooming.

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Q: My cats like going out and have a cat flap – will they be able to use it?

A: Whilst I would say it is safer to keep cats indoors whilst you are away, I appreciate this isn't for everyone and, as long as you are happy to sign a disclaimer, then I will happily allow the cats to make use of the cat flaps.

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Q: Do you do home boarding for cats and dogs?

A: No, my emphasis is on ensuring animals can stay in their own homes with their creature comforts. It can be quite stressful for animals to be separated from their owners at the best of times without them also having to leave their own homes and be placed in unfamiliar surroundings, so my focus is on looking after them in their own homes where they feel comfortable and happy

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