My job is to make your loved one(s) as happy as possible whilst you're away. I would also like you to be confident that your animals are in the best of hands.

At the end of the day, we all have to go out, be it for work, holidays, errands, socialising, or for any other purpose. I will help your pet(s) relax and enjoy their 'me' time. Having me break up the time with a chat, a play and/or a walk or two helps the time pass happily. As part of my service, I will also leave you a little pet diary at the end of our time together so you can see what your pet(s) has been up to whilst you've been away.

I set out my prices below. These are typical prices, however, they may vary dependent on requirements. I will always agree a price with you before taking care of your pet(s) and I will never alter that price once agreed. I also offer a free initial visit so you can be sure your pet is happy with who you have chosen to look after them while you're away.

If desired, I will also make your house/flat look occupied in your absence. I can bring in your post (there is nothing that shouts "empty house" more than letters and papers hanging out of the letterbox), turn lights on or off, open/close curtains, water plants, put bins out/bring bins in, feed goldfish - anything to put your mind at rest. I'll even get you some milk and bread for when you get back off your holidays if you let me know in advance! A very important part of my service!


Dogs feel an owners absence so deeply. They are so loyal and love spending time with us that much that they pine for us when we have to leave them for a while. Sometimes, it needs nothing more than for someone to call in and spend some time with them to break up the long day. A lovely walk once or twice a day to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise and a chat and some friendship can make all the difference for them. I will only walk your dog(s) on their own and not in a group with other, unfamiliar, dogs. It is purely one to one (or two to one/three to one, depending on how many dogs you have!)

I will meet with you and your dog(s) initially so they can get used to me and my voice and scent so they will be familiar with me when I turn up. You can tell me your dog(s) favourite walk and likes/dislikes. I will stick to their routine as much as possible - it's the dog that takes the human for a walk remember! If, like my dog, your dog won't walk and just wants to chat and play at home, I am happy to do just that - letting them out in the garden for some play time.

I can give your dog(s) coat a brush or teeth a clean, if that's part of their daily routine, and can put down fresh water and/or food if required.

For a 30 minute walk (and a 5 minute cuddle/feed time either side), I charge:-

Size of Dog Price
Small £8.00
Medium £10.00
Large £12.00
If you have more than one dog, it would be full price for the largest dog, then half price for each additional dog.

If your dog doesn't need walking and just wants some company, then for a 30 minute visit and play:-

Size of Dog Price
Small £7.00
Medium £9.00
Large £11.00

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As independent as cats are, they still need and want our love and attention. Some people just want a cuddle and a play for their cats, yet others want them to go outside for a play. Some cats don't want cuddling at all, they simply want a "born free" moment with their fur blowing in the wind as they run across the garden! As part of my visit, I will change their trays, feed them where required and give them fresh drinking water.

I will meet with you and your cat(s) for an initial visit, where you can tell me all about them and their own distinct personalities. You can tell me about their likes and dislikes and their affections (or otherwise) so I can adapt my attention accordingly.

Description Price
For play and cuddle time of 30 minutes £8.00 per visit (Per home, NOT per cat. One price)
If your cat requires special attention, such as a good groom as well as a play £10.00 per visit (an additional £2 per cat for the groom(s))
If you would like me to put your cat out for a play (and this would only be available under certain circumstances due to insurance), then I would suggest an hour visit in order for them to get some exercise and for me to let them in afterwards. £8.00 per visit

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Small Animals

Having done a course in small animal care and, as I have small pets myself, I am more than aware of how friendly and loveable these little guys can be. They love company and miss people, just as much as bigger animals, when they are left alone.

I would like to have an initial visit first in order to meet your little one. You can give me an insight into their personalities and how they like to interact.

By "small animal", I'm referring to (but not limiting to):-

Description Price
If you just want some company for your little one, and maybe some handling for some human contact. £8.00 per half hour.  I charge per cage (I like to call it a "house"), not per animal.
If you would like me to clean out your little ones' house. Additional £5.00 (depending on cage size). Please contact me to discuss.

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